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  • Here for you
  • Adult Skating Congratulations – correction
  • Collegiate Scholarship Application Deadline Extension 4/26
  • Annual Banquet News – 8/9
  • Test Session News
  • Club Ice News
  • Did you know?!
  • SCNV Important Dates and Reminders

Here for you
A message from the US Figure Skating Association (USFS) in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: “Until the rink doors are open again, stay healthy and most importantly take care of yourself and your loved ones. We’re all in this together and will emerge a stronger and better ice sports community.

Official local and federal guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic below:

Per the Governor of Virginia Executive Order 55, a state wide stay at home order is in effect until 6/10, supplementing Governor of Virginia Executive Order 53 also in effect for all non-essential businesses (including ice rinks) to stay closed until 4/24. The Amended Executive Order 53 has now extended the closure until 5/8.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the for further assistance.

Adult Skating Congratulations – correction
And congratulations to Cynthia Frost for placing 2nd in the Pre Bronze Freeskate at the U.S. Adult Eastern Sectional Championships last month in Ardmore, PA! We had 9 skaters that represented SCNV! Way to go all! Congrats to Natalie Zelkin, Talib (Aleem) Aleem, Jessica O’Hara, Pouria Javaheri, Alyson Fligg, Laura Rogers, Julie Moore, and Alexandra Williams plus Cynthia!

Until we see each other again, stay healthy and safe!

Collegiate Scholarship Application Deadline Extension 4/26
Are you a Class of 2020 senior planning to attend college this Fall? Were you on a team with either National Blades and/or Virginia Ice Theatre? One of the benefits of club membership is collegiate scholarships. Please see the website’s membership page for program details. Click here for the online application available now. Deadline has been extended to April 26, 2020. Questions? Please contact for details.

Annual Banquet News – 8/9
The Annual Banquet is rebooked for Sunday, 8/9. Please continue to please take some time to look through your photos and short video clips from last year, and email the best of them to Jessica at

We like action shots, athletes and coaches, group shots, whatever sums up your year on the ice. If possible, please indicate in the email who is in each photo or video (or something along lines of ‘adult theatre team’ for large group photos). This will help us greatly.

We miss seeing you all at the rink. Until we can meet up again, please stay safe and healthy.

Test Session News
Both the 4/17 and 5/17 test sessions at PWIC and FIA respectively have been cancelled due to the Governor of Virginia Executive Order 55 for the COVID-19 pandemic. All future test sessions are on hold. Please contact the Test Session Chair at with any questions.

Club Ice News
As part of our planning for the 2020-21 season, we are working on a subscriber feedback/club survey to learn what went well, what did not go so well (up to 3/16), and what areas the club can improve upon. Make your voice be heard! The club online survey to be released on the website no earlier than 4/24.

Questions? Please contact the Club Ice Chair at

Did you know?!
In the US, the average height and weight for an Olympic figure skater for ladies is 63 inches and 108 pounds. Olympic figure skater Nathan Chen is 66 inches tall and 135 pounds. (ABC news 2/11/2014, Science Friday 02/16/2018)

SCNV Important Dates/Reminders (subject to change)
April 17-19: Cardinal Classic with Test Session @ PWIC (cancelled)
May 1-3: FIA ISI Spring Competition (cancelled)
May 7-9: May Day Open (cancelled)
May 7-9: Inman Cup at Revere, MA (cancelled)
May 15: Annual Meeting (postponed)
May 17: Moves/Free Skate Test Session @ FIA 6:45-11:50am (cancelled)
June 7: Blades of Summer @ PWIC (cancelled)
June 14: Moves/Free Skate Test Session @ FIA 6:45-11:50am
June 24-27: Chesapeake Open
June 26-30: 2020 National TOI Competition @ INTRUST Bank Arena, Wichita, KS (cancelled)
July 12: Moves/Free Skate/Dance Test Session @ FIA 7:00-11:50am
August 9: Moves/Free Skate/Dance Test Session @ FIA 7:00-11:50am
August 9: SCNV Annual Banquet

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