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  • Membership Renewal Reminder
  • Ghislain Briand Seminiar – 6/25
  • Stars and Stripes Synchro Invitational – 11/4 to 11/5
  • Testing News
  • Cardinal Classic – Thank You!
  • Club Ice News
  • Did you Know?!

Membership Renewal Reminder
It is that time of year to renew your membership for the 2023-2024 skating season! SCNV is now open for renewal. Please renew early to allow time to process your membership for the summer test sessions and competitions!

SCNV is excited to have you as a club member and we look forward to another fabulous year of skating!

Ghislain Briand Seminiar – 6/25
Who is Ghislain Briand? Known as one of the best jump technicians in the world, he is probably best known for his work with two-time Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), World Champion and Olympic medalist Elvis Stojko (CAN), World Champion Shoma Uno (JPN), World Junior Champion Mao Shimada (JPN), World medalist Jun Hwan Cha (KOR), Olympic medalist Adam Rippon (USA), and many others.

Who should participate? Ghislain teaches all levels but this seminar is recommended for Juvenile level and up working on all doubles, double Axel and beyond. Ghislain teaches doubles through quads.

Why should I sign up? To perfect your jump technique, learn new tips and tricks, and build your skills and confidence for a successful 2023-24 season and beyond!

What is included in the registration? ALL on-ice coaching (group and semi-private) and off-ice seminars. Cost of ice is included. A detailed agenda is posted on each location’s registration page. Seminar lasts approximately eight hours.

When should I sign up? Immediately. Space is limited. Link is:
Washington DC (Jun 25):

Stars and Stripes Synchro Invitational – 11/4 to 11/5
Save the date! The National Blades team will be hosting our premier synchro invitational competition at PWIC. More details to come! Questions?, Please contact head coach Teresa Yuengert at

Testing News
As of July 1, all moves in the field tests will be renamed as “Skating Skills” tests. Free Skate tests will be called “Singles Tests”. Most levels of Skating Skills tests will be renamed as well so look closely when registering for test sessions. There is also a rule change for virtual testing that will require the videos to be created within 14 days of the test date.

We look forward to a busy summer with two in-person test sessions. Many coaches and skaters are opting to submit their tests for virtual judging to clubs across the country. It is the belief of our SCNV leadership and test chair that in-person tests are the best and that virtual tests should be used only when circumstances do not allow for in-person. Skating Skills, Dance and Singles tests are about more than just checking a box or earning a badge. Athletic endeavors are about performance on the day and at the time for most sports. Shooting free throws in practice is a very different task than standing on the line during a game with eyes on the player. It is the same for skating. Some athletes may not want to skate under pressure in any way and for them, virtual may be a good option however for most, the test system allows skaters to rise to the occasion in the moment. There are no retakes although there is an opportunity for reskates. The reward of the testing system is in the development of skating skills, elements, control and confidence as an athlete completes the levels. Some of this may be lost with virtual testing.

If a skater and coach feel that virtual is an appropriate option then SCNV is happy to support you by regularly offering virtual test sessions as well as giving permission to test with other clubs. Each club uses judges from all over the country and the pass rate is similar to in-person according to the US Figure Skating Tests Committee. Make sure that you closely follow the guidelines for video quality, timing and the affidavit so that your test does not get returned to you to repeat.

Cardinal Classic – Thank you!
To all our 80 volunteers of all ages making our 7th year fantastic at PWIC, a very big thank you! Your efforts made Cardinal Classic possible, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our 2024 edition now booked for 5/31 to 6/2.

Club Ice News
The 2023-2024 season to begin this September at FIA. Questions? Please contact

Did You Know?!
Goodbye MITF! So long Free Skate! And hello Skating Skills and Singles! As of 7/1, US Figure Skating will migrate to new names for the levels that progress to a Gold Medalist. Please review the new 2023-2024 testing chart to learn the changes that affect all levels beyond Pre-Pre and Preliminary.

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