Alexendra Williams bio

I have been a member of SCNV since 2008, and have skated at Fairfax Ice Arena since 1999. I trained throughout college, and have represented SCNV at adult competitions locally, regionally, and internationally since 2016. It has been a great pleasure to do so, and I wish to continue it as long as I can skate. I also have had the honor to support the Club in a variety of roles over the years. I have particularly served as a volunteer from 2017 to present as the SCNV Board of Directors Member advisor to the Junior Board, and to Adult Skating.

I am a proud, born and raised local of Fairfax, Virginia, I am a twin, and I have a MS in Biodefense from George Mason University. I currently work as a DHS/DoD research professional.

If elected, I offer mentorship and leadership experience for our Junior Board skaters, bolstered by 15 years of leadership work through local and regional religious, and community organization roles. I also offer experience navigating and competing as an adult, and through my own health journal as I age through this sport.

If elected, I will continue to foster growth, unity, mentorship and leadership skills of our Junior Board-age skaters, and help them extend those skills and unity to all members of SCNV and in their lives. I also will further build community and connection between adult skaters at SCNV and FIA, and expand opportunities in skill development, injury-prevention, and education for adult skaters.