Melissa Mahle bio

I have been a member of SCNV since 2007 and have had the honor to support the Club in a variety of roles over the years.  I served on the Board from 2011 to 2016, as the Test Chair, Membership Chair, Fundraising Chair, Historian, Secretary and Vice President.  I began as most adult members, as a parent of a competitive skater. My skater flourished, competing No Test through Senior Ladies, but now has gone off to college to pursue other interest.  My love for skater has gone from spectator, cheerleader, organizer to judging, having received my Bronze appointment in 2017. I have served as the Club’s Competition Chair since 2015. If elected, I offer strong organization skills, vision, enthusiasm and a commitment to inclusiveness and best practices.  I firmly believe that SCNV should be the club of all of its members. Professionally, I manage the Business Intelligence practice of the world’s largest law firm, and as such am an investigator, problem solver and practitioner of discretion.