Sportsmanship Awards

SCNV Sportsmanship trophies are awarded to SCNV member skaters who demonstrate fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition.

In order to be eligible, a skater must be an SCNV member and have competed in at least one U.S. Figure Skating competition during the past season. The “Be Nice on the Ice” trophy will be awarded to a skater who competes at Pre-Juvenile level or below; the “Sportsmanship” trophy will be awarded to a skater who competes at the Juvenile level or above.

Fairfax Ice Arena coaches who are U.S. Figure Skating compliant may nominate up to three skaters for each trophy. Coaches will then vote to determine the winners.

When making nominations and voting, coaches will consider a skater’s demonstration of sportsmanship both on and off the ice at competitions, test sessions and freestyle session practices.

Ideal candidates will demonstrate the following:

  • Enthusiasm for fellow SCNV skaters at competitions
  • Proper ice etiquette during freestyle sessions and practices
  • Encouragement of other skaters’ efforts and accomplishments
  • Management of post competition event disappointment and satisfaction with grace
  • Do not complain about the judges or encourage others who do
  • Welcome new or out-of-town skaters

2019-2020 Sportsmanship Awards Recipients

Be Nice on the Ice Trophy Calla Spignardo
Sportsmanship Trophy Elizabeth Chuang

Previous Sportsmanship Award Recipients