Adult Skating

The Skating Club of Northern Virginia is a proud home for many adult skaters and is committed to actively building a lively community for adult skaters across Northern Virginia.

The Adult Committee

The Adult Committee for the Skating Club of Northern Virginia wants to make sure adult skaters in the club and the region have a space to get information, meet other adult skaters, and learn about what the adult skating community has to offer.

The Committee will post information here about upcoming competitions, the US Figure Skating Adult Committee, and about upcoming social events for adult skaters in the community.

If you have information you want to share with adults in the Skating Club, you can reach out at

Interested in meeting other adult skaters in SCNV? 

Members who are registered as an “Adult Skater” can choose to be added to the Adult Skating Email list, where we’ll share news and info relevant to the Adult Community.  

We are also working on hosting a series of informal, social, skate and sip activities. We hope to start these in the Fall of 2022, so stay tuned to this space for more details as they become available. 

Interested in helping out with the Adult Committee? Get in touch with us at

SCNV Adult Skater Spotlight

Each quarter we’ll feature a different Adult Skater in the Club and share about their skating journey, their favorite memories on the ice, and their tips for keeping the joy of skating going. If you know of a skater you’d like to see the spotlight on (or if you’d like to spotlight yourself), reach out at

Interested in a competition or camp? 

US Figure Skating’s Adult Committee keeps an ongoing list of competitions, camps, and training opportunities

Check out US Figure Skating’s Adult Skating Page for more information on their Adult Skating programs.

Information About On-Ice and Off-Ice Classes

It’s important to know that there are a number of great options for on and off-ice classes that adults can attend, hosted at different rinks around Northern Virginia. While not all of these are specifically adult-only, it is helpful to know what kind of class options are out there, so you can participate as fully as you want. These classes are great ways to increase skill, strength, and conditioning which can help prevent injury. 

The Committee will try to update this quarterly, but if you know of a class or a resource that isn’t listed, you can tell us about it via email, at While Fairfax Ice Arena remains the home rink for the Skating Club of Northern Virginia, we recognize there are a plethora of opportunities for skaters across the region. 

Fairfax Ice Arena; Fairfax, VA

Fairfax Ice Arena, SCNV’s home rink, has a few on-ice class options available – typically in the late afternoon at the rink. These are typically 20-minute sessions and can be booked through the link above. Individual coaches may also host off ice sessions at the rink, reach out to for more details. 

Looking to just get on the ice? Fairfax Ice Arena has a number of public sessions to choose from. Additionally, freestyle sessions can be booked by creating a login for their MindBody site (there is also a user-friendly app). You can purchase a pack of credits and book your session. The average 40-minute session is 4 credits. Once you arrive at the rink, you just hop on the ice, if the Rink Monitor doesn’t know your name, they may ask to confirm you’re on the list.

Medstar Capitals Iceplex – Sky High Skating Academy (SHSA) 

The SHSA has a number of great on ice opportunities scheduled at various times throughout the week and for all different levels. Class costs – assuming you aren’t a monthly subscriber to SHSA – range from $15-$25 each class and those classes can include:

  • Power stroking, on Fridays at 4:50 pm
  • Strength & conditioning, on Tuesdays at 4 pm, or Fridays at 5:30 pm
  • Adult group classes on Sunday nights at 5:45 pm

Looking to just get on the ice? Freestyle sessions at the Capitals Iceplex requires you to take two steps:

  1. Register (for free) with their DaySmart Recreation page, this will give you a bar code that has to be scanned when you check-in at the front desk before hopping on the ice.
  2. Join the SHSA Group on OpenSports, this is how you’ll see the detailed schedule and purchase entry for individual sessions. (If this becomes your regular rink, there’s a monthly membership deal that’ll reduce the day-to-day cost of sessions and classes.)
SkateQuest; Reston, VA

SkateQuest, located in Reston, VA has an expansive freestyle program including off ice classes in the evenings. See their website for detailed times and information. 

Looking to just get on the ice? Like the Capitals Iceplex, SkateQuest uses DaySmart Recreation, but you can purchase passes through this app and book your sessions.