Club Awards

Competitors Fund

The SCNV Competitors Fund assists eligible SCNV members to defray some or all of the costs for single, pair or ice dance skaters, synchronized skating teams and theatre on ice teams who by placing in a USFSA qualifying competition are subsequently eligible to enter the next-higher qualifying competition. Click here for latest competitor eligibility information.

Collegiate Scholarship Program

The SCNV Collegiate Scholarship program assists eligible SCNV members who are graduating high school seniors intending to pursue a college education during the upcoming academic year. The scholarship(s) are intended to honor skaters who have shown dedication to the sport of figure skating by testing and competing, set consistent standards of good citizenship and sportsmanship, and achieved academically. The SCNV Collegiate Scholarship program is also intended to promote long-term membership in SCNV and to encourage figure skating after high school. The scholarship(s) will be offered for full-time undergraduate study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice. DEADLINE: March 31st. Click here for the 2017-18 season eligibility information. Please note that the 2018-19 season eligibility information will be posted soon.

2016 Collegiate Scholarship Award Recipients
2015 Collegiate Scholarship Award Recipients
2014 Collegiate Scholarship Award Recipients

Scholar Award

SCNV recognizes those skaters who are training and competing for the club while maintaining excellence in their scholastic endeavors through the Scholar Award Program.  The club will recognize those skaters earning a 3.5 or above grade point average in their coursework. DEADLINE: August 31st.
Click here for Scholar Award eligibility information and the application.

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Club Trophies

Club trophies are presented to skaters at the annual banquet. Each trophy is awarded based on specific criteria, outlined below. Full members are those who subscribe to Club Ice. Age as of April 30 determines the age group qualification. For most awards, a point system is used, with skaters earning points for USFSA tests passed and placement in select USFSA competitions during the period May 1 through April 30. To ensure your skater receives credit for USFSA competitions, please contact Honor Johnson with results. Honor Johnson, 301-261-3057, email =

Florence Sifferd Memorial Trophy is presented to a female, junior full member who represents SCNV and is age 9 and under.

Janis Klurfeld Memorial Trophy is presented to a female, junior full member who represents SCNV and is age 10-12.

Founder’s Trophy is presented to a female, junior full member who represents SCNV and is age 13 and older.

Meline Michalopoulos Memorial Trophy is presented to a junior associate member, male or female, who represents SCNV and who does not receive either the President’s or Judges’ Trophy.

Joseph Inman Adult Achievement Award is presented to a male or female, full or associate Adult Member who is in good standing and represents SCNV. Skaters eligible to receive the President’s or Judges’ Trophy are not eligible for this award.

The Audrey King-Fred Yanke Trophy is presented to a junior full skating male member who represents SCNV and who has made the most progress over this past season. Tests passed and competition placements are deciding factors in selecting the recipient.

The President’s Trophy is presented to the skater representing SCNV who goes the farthest in US Figure Skating qualifying competition at the Novice, Junior or Senior level.

The Judges’ Trophy is presented to the skater representing SCNV who goes the farthest in USFSA qualifying competitions at the Juvenile or Intermediate level.

The Gene Loughran National Collegiate Trophy is presented to a skater who has represented SCNV for at least 2 years and who competed at the U.S. National Collegiate Championships.

2017-2018 Club Trophy Recipients

Florence Sifferd Memorial Trophy (Age 9 and under) Emma Goldsmith
Janis Klurfeld Memorial Trophy (Ages 10-12) Emily Conant
Founder’s Trophy (Ages 13-20) Miranda Dellavedova
Meline Michalopoulos Memorial Trophy Jon Maravilla
Joseph Inman Adult Achievement Award Natalie Zelkin
The Audrey King-Fred Yanke Trophy Andrew Chagnon
The Gene Loughran National Collegiate Trophy Camilla Zhang, Christina Hall and Emily Hautbois
President’s Trophy

For the 2017-2018 season, the following competitions are point bearing:

Non-Qualifying Open Competitions:

Junior Skaters:

  • Cardinal Classic
  • May Day
  • Chesapeake Open
  • Skate Wilmington
  • Philadelphia Summer Championships
  • Hershey Open
  • Potomac Open
  • Challenge Cup
  • Falling Leaves
  • South Atlantic Non-Qualifying Competition

Adult Skaters, same as above plus the following:

  • WFSC New Year’s Invitational
  • Adult Sectionals Non-Qualifying Events
  • Adult Nationals Non-Qualifying Events

Qualifying Competitions:

  • South Atlantic Regional and Eastern Sectional Championships
  • (Singles, Pairs and Dance)
  • Adult Sectionals Qualifying Events
  • U.S. Figure Skating Championships
  • U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships (Qualifying Events)

National Theatre on Ice Competition

Synchronized Team Skating:

  • Eastern Sectional Synchronized Team Skating Championships Qualifying Events
  • Eastern Sectional Synchronized Team Skating Championships Non-Qualifying Events
  • U.S. Synchronized Team Skating Championships

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Sportsmanship Trophies

SCNV Sportsmanship trophies are awarded to SCNV member skaters who demonstrate the best Sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is defined as “fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition.”

In order to be eligible, a skater must be an SCNV member and have competed in at least one U.S. Figure Skating competition during the past season. The “Be Nice on the Ice” trophy will be awarded to a non-qualifying level skater, and the “Sportsmanship” trophy will be awarded to a qualifying-level skater.

Fairfax Ice Arena coaches who are U.S. Figure Skating category A or B compliant will be able to nominate up to three skaters for each trophy, and the coaches will then vote to choose the winners.

When making nominations and voting, coaches will consider a skater’s demonstration of sportsmanship both on and off the ice at competitions, test sessions and freestyle sessions/practices.

Ideal candidates will demonstrate the following:

  • Enthusiasm for fellow SCNV skaters at competitions
  • Proper ice etiquette during freestyle sessions and practices
  • Encouragement of other skaters’ efforts and accomplishments
  • Management of post competition event disappointment and satisfaction with grace
  • Do not complain about the judges or encourage others who do
  • Welcome new or out-of-town skaters

2017-2018 Sportsmanship Trophy Recipients

Be Nice on the Ice Trophy Claire Davis
Sportsmanship Trophy Antonio Maravilla

2016-2017 Sportsmanship Awards Recipients
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