Competition Events

Listed below is a list of competitions which are point bearing for club awards to all SCNV members, including Non-Qualifying, Qualifying, Adult, Theatre On Ice and Synchronized Skating in a typical season (n.b. many were cancelled due to COVID-19 during the 2019-2020 season)

Category Competitions
Non Qualifying Open Cardinal Classic
Non Qualifying Open May Day
Non Qualifying Open Chesapeake Open
Non Qualifying Open Skate Wilmington
Non Qualifying Open Philadelphia Summer Championships
Non Qualifying Open Hershey Open
Non Qualifying Open Potomac Open
Non Qualifying Open Challenge Cup
Non Qualifying Open Falling Leaves
Non Qualifying Open South Atlantic Non-Qualifying Competition
Non Qualifying Open – Adult WFSC New Year’s Invitational
Non Qualifying Open Adult Sectionals Non-Qualifying Events
Non Qualifying Open Adult Nationals Non-Qualifying Events
Qualifying Open South Atlantic Regional and Eastern Sectional Championships or Finals (Singles)
Qualifying Open Regional Challenges and Sectional Finals (Pairs and Ice Dance)
Qualifying Open Adult Sectionals Qualifying Events
Qualifying Open US Ice Dance Final/US Pairs Final
Qualifying Open US Figure Skating Championships
Qualifying Open US Adult Figure Skating Championships (Qualifying Events)
TOI 2020 Open de France
TOI 2020 National Theatre on Ice Competition
TOI 2021 Nations Cup & Adult Gold Cup
Synchronized Team Skating Eastern Sectional Synchronized Team Skating Championships Qualifying Events
Synchronized Team Skating Eastern Sectional Synchronized Team Skating Championships Non-Qualifying Events
Synchronized Team Skating US Synchronized Team Skating Championships

Links to some past regional, sectional, national and international competition results are available from the USFSA website.

Please coordinate competitions with your coach.  Competition registration is done online through the competition websites.  Skaters must have a current membership to receive authorization for competitions.  The SCNV President, Vice-President, Secretary or Membership Chair authorize competitions electronically after you submit your registration.


SCNV Implements a Change in the Way it Receives Skaters’ Competition Information

With the new judging system in place, it is becoming more difficult for SCNV to get results from competitions where the new system is being used. Therefore, in order for us to keep abreast of our competitors for Awards purposes, we are urging parents to email our Awards Chairperson Honor Johnson with the results of all of their skater’s competitions. It is very important that the following information be provided: The skater’s name, the name of the competition, the event the skater skated in, the skater’s placement in the competition, and the number of competitors in the group.

Failure to provide the required information may result in the skater’s not being given due credit for his or her competitions. Honor’s email address is