Club Ice

From September to June, SCNV offers its members premium ice time at Fairfax Ice Arena exclusively on Monday evenings. All Club freestyle sessions are limited to 22 skaters per session.

To Subscribe

The Club Ice Sessions Package has complete details on schedule, costs, eligibility, the benefits of becoming a subscriber, and how to subscribe. If you need assistance, contact the Club Ice Sessions Chair, at

Club Ice is in many ways the heart of SCNV, and we hope to see many new subscribers take advantage of Club Ice this season. Subscribers appreciate having the chance to skate on less crowded sessions and enjoy each other’s company on breaks with ad hoc socials and other events. For those who’d like to try out a session before making a commitment, members are always welcome to pick-up sessions, space permitting (advance pick-up is $15.50, and same day pick-up rate is $18 per session).

Keep in Mind

Subscriptions are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The date payment is received, either by EntryEeze or through the mail, determines priority for subscription requests. If the session is full at the time of your subscription request, your payment will be refunded and you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

For skaters under 18 with full membership, a parent must also be a current member of SCNV in order to contract Club Ice (parent should join as a Subsequent Family Member at a discounted rate). If you are not already a member, please join SCNV at:

Contractual Obligation

By signing up for an SCNV Club Ice session, you are contracting to pay for that session in its entirety. There will be no refunds except in cases of extraordinary circumstances approved by the Board. Please be certain you are ready to make this commitment before subscribing.

Benefits of Full Membership

SCNV members who subscribe to Club Ice are designated as “Full Members” during their subscription period. Benefits of Full Member status include eligibility for Club trophies and scholarships, first priority placement on Club test sessions and free achievement badges, and first priority for pick-ups on Club Ice sessions to which they are not subscribed.

Club Ice Policies and Freestyle Session Rules

Before subscribing, please review all Club Ice policies and rules for Club freestyle sessions in the 2018-19 SCNV Season Book.

Club Ice Schedule & Fees

Please refer to the following documents:

for complete details on schedule, costs, eligibility, the benefits of becoming a subscriber, and how to subscribe. If you need assistance, contact the Club Ice Sessions Chair at

Currently both instructor led classes and FS are offered on a prorated basis. See EntryEeze for latest fees.

Pick-up Policy

SCNV Full Skating Members have first priority for pick-ups. SCNV Associate Members may pick up any session with remaining empty slots. There is no limit to the number of pick-ups for SCNV members. The cost is $18.00 per session for same-day, and $15.50 for upto one week in advance via EntryEeze.

Non-Members: A skater who is not a member of SCNV may skate as a guest up to three times per skating season, space permitting.

All skaters must check in with the session monitor before taking the ice to ensure space is available.

Club Ice Sessions Approved Coaches

The following coaches have been approved to coach on Club Ice for the 2018-2019 skating season. Parents may contact these coaches to schedule their skaters’ lessons. Please do not assume your coach will be available on Club Ice; it is the skaters’ responsibility to confirm coach availability.

Irina Chilova
Dana Chinn-Martin
Brenda Denny
Jonathon Hodgkinson
Nadia Hodgkinson
Jill Smith

Please note that coaches who wish to use an assistant who is not on the list, or who would like to have a visiting coach teach on Club Ice, must obtain the PRIOR approval of the SCNV Board of Directors.

Any questions regarding coach approval should be directed to