SCNV Membership: Join Us!

SCNV Membership Applications are completed online via Entryeeze at the new SCNV Membership and Testing site.  To apply online:

1. Visit the SCNV Membership and Testing site
2. New members select “Apply for Membership”
3. Existing members select “Access my Account”
4. If purchasing memberships for more than one family member, select Primary Home Club or Introductory Home Club (as appropriate) for the first skater and then select Subsequent Family Membership for each additional family member.

If for any reason you cannot complete the application online or have any questions, please contact the SCNV Membership Chair, at

For complete information about SCNV, please review the 2018-19 SCNV Season Book.

SCNV Membership Dues for 2017-2018 Season

(runs from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018)

Membership Type Price for First Family Member Price for Subsequent
Family Members
(if applicable)
Primary Home Club $120 $65
Introductory Member $90 $65
U.S. Figure Skating Official – Home Club $95 (Discount Rate)
Collegiate Member (4 years) $150
Learn to Skate USA Member $17
Secondary Club Member* $70 $45

*Secondary Club Members must have a current primary home club membership with another U.S. Figure Skating Club.  This membership category does not include a U.S. Figure Skating membership.

Types of Membership

Primary Home Club Membership

Primary Home Club members hold membership in SCNV as their primary U.S. Figure Skating club, and represent SCNV when testing or competing in U.S. Figure Skating events.  Within this membership category, there are two subcategories:

Full Members

Full Members are those adult or junior members who subscribe to the SCNV Freestyle sessions, Performance and Power Development Class, and/or the Virginia Ice Theatre of Fairfax (VITOF) sessions held during SCNV-contracted “Club Ice.”  Full Members are registered with U.S. Figure Skating, can participate in all SCNV activities and receive priority consideration for SCNV test sessions.  Adult Full Members (18 years and older) have voting privileges.  Junior Full Members (under the age of 18) must have one parent/guardian become a member of the Club.  The adult member may join as an Associate Member at a discounted Subsequent Family Member rate and has voting privileges.

Associate Members

Associate Members join the club to participate in U.S. Figure Skating and SCNV activities, but do NOT subscribe to SCNV Freestyle sessions, Performance and Power Development Class, and/or the VITOF sessions held during SCNV-contracted “Club Ice.”  Associate Members may pick up sessions per the pick-up policy.  Associate Members are registered with U.S. Figure Skating and have voting privileges in SCNV elections if they are at least 18 years of age.  If parents of Associate Junior Members want to participate in SCNV affairs and vote in SCNV elections, they may also become Associate Members at a discounted Subsequent Family Member rate.

Secondary Club Membership

Secondary Club membership is for skaters who have a current Primary Home Club Membership and U.S. Figure Skating membership with another U.S. Figure Skating club and are joining SCNV as their second club.

Primary Home Club Membership for U.S. Figure Skating Officials/Judges

Current U.S. Figure Skating Judges and Technical Panel Officials can purchase a Primary Home Club Membership at a discounted rate of $95.  Adult skaters and parents can find more information about becoming a U.S. Figure Skating Official/Judge at  or by contacting SCNV Board Member Cheryl Litman (

Introductory Membership

If you are joining U.S. Figure Skating for the first time (i.e., you have never been issued a U.S. Figure Skating number other than a Learn to Skate USA Membership), you are invited to join at an introductory rate of $90 for the 1st family member and $65 for each additional family member who are also first-time members.

Collegiate Membership

U.S. Figure Skating and SCNV offer a special membership for collegiate skaters.  A 4-year membership is available for  $150, a 75% discount off the SCNV Primary Home Club Membership cost. It includes the same privileges and benefits.  At the time of application, skaters must be enrolled in college.  The 4-year Collegiate Membership is only available one time, no matter how long the skater remains in college.  The Collegiate Membership may be transferred to another U.S. Figure Skating club one time during the 4-year membership period.  If the membership is transferred, Collegiate Members will remain Secondary Club Members of SCNV for the remaining membership period.

Learn to Skate USA Membership

Skaters new to the sport of figure skating can opt for an inexpensive Learn to Skate USA membership ($17/year), which allows them to join our skating community and become eligible to compete at U.S. Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA competitions.  Learn to Skate USA memberships receive a U.S. Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA membership card and the annual Learn to Skate USA Edition of Skating Magazine.  Learn to Skate USA members are NOT eligible to subscribe to or pick up Club Ice, test with U.S. Figure Skating (Pre-Preliminary and above), or to receive annual SCNV Awards.  The fees paid for this SCNV/U.S. Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA membership will NOT transfer as credit towards a higher-level membership during the current membership year, so if a skater will likely progress such that they will want to compete above the Learn to Skate USA levels, or take a U.S. Figure Skating Pre-Preliminary Moves or Free Skate test prior to the end of the current membeship year, then it is more cost-effective for them to go ahead and purchase an Introductory membership.

Benefits of Membership in the Skating Club of Northern Virginia:

  • Membership in U.S. Figure Skating
  • Club-Sponsored Skating Sessions, September/October through May/June
  • Club-Sponsored Activities and Parties
  • Many opportunities to Volunteer; Be As Involved as You Like!!
  • Warm, Friendly, Supportive Atmosphere for all skaters and their families!

Membership in SCNV is open to all who are eligible for U.S. Figure Skating membership. U.S. Figure Skating membership is included in the SCNV membership. Each member family will receive a subscription to Skating magazine published by the U.S. Figure Skating.

Skaters interested in joining SCNV can contact the SCNV Membership Chair at, for more information.

Members are offered prime time ice on Monday evenings during the school year!  Members interested in subscribing to SCNV Club Ice can find more information on the Club Sessions page or by contacting the SCNV Sessions Chair at


If you are an eligible skater and a member of U.S. Figure Skating, your appearance in public exhibitions is governed by a set of sanctions rules that protect your eligibility status for competitions, tests, and other U.S. Figure Skating-governed activities. SCNV members should consult the current Season Handbook available from the About Us page for further important information if they are invited to skate in ANY exhibition or demonstration that is not sponsored by the Skating Club of Northern Virginia.