Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear for 2021

We are excited to announce that you can order SCNV logo spirit wear and more through Lands’ End. You’ll have the chance to order apparel – adult and kids, bags and luggage, canvas totes, beach towels, blankets and more! Gifts from under $25, under $50 and under $100.

Please note that adult items and gear is available through Lands’ End Business – go to this link and have fun browsing items you would like: Lands End Business. You can choose polos, dress shirts, fleeces, quilted vests and more… you can also purchase a lovely fleece blanket to cover your lap as you watch your favorite skater.

Most apparel in kids sizes is available via Land End Business. While some items are indeed, uniform oriented, you can find kid’s fleeces, hoodies, etc. on this page and in an assortment of colors. Here are some examples of apparel. There are polos, t-shirts, long sleeve polos, some shorts and track pants too.

You can go to either site and order using our logo number which is 1667600. Our logo size is about 3 x 2.98. We have been advised that if you’re ordering a kid’s item which might require a smaller logo (although most of the kids items should accommodate our logo), that they will do a smaller logo at no additional charge, if they can’t accommodate the item because of their size restriction.

Lands End Business club logo

Lands’ End frequently offers free shipping with certain size orders, frequently offers a decent percentage off coupon and sometimes offers free logos. Logos are $6.95. Lands’ End can also monogram your items – a line of monogram is $8.00. We all know how valuable it can be to find lost items when your name is on the item!

So check it out, join a friend in an order to get free shipping or to take advantage of a coupon discount that requires a minimum order. For example, you can currently get 25% off if you have a $150 minimum order. Should you need any help, contact Lands’ End Business at 800-535-3060 or customer service at tel:1-800-587-1541.

When choosing your item, whether it be clothing or accessory, we recommend that you closely review the logo as it will be shown on the item, in the color you have chosen, before you purchase. Particularly, please note that because of the dark lettering and dark skate on our logo, it does not look great on navy, black or very dark gray. On most reds, you can still see the red skate but it is more blended so make sure you are happy with it first. The logo is very well suited to light to medium blues, creams, whites, other light colors or light grays (not a dark gray). Again, the logo on the color fabric you choose will always display for your preview before purchase.

Questions? Please contact Melanie@scnv.org.