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  • Club Annual Meeting – 5/22
  • Club Annual Banquet – 6/12
  • Club Family Picnic – 8/21
  • Club Ice News
  • Did you know?!

Club Annual Meeting Tomorrow! – 5/22
Our club Annual Meeting will be held via teleconference (zoom) on Sunday, 5/22. Please see our Annual Meeting and Elections web page for details, including re-election of our three current board members.

Questions? Please contact for details.

SAVE THE DATE — Club Annual Banquet – 6/12
Hurray! School is out! Please SAVE THE DATE on Sunday, 6/12 for our club Annual Banquet! We will celebrate in person at Mantua Swim & Tennis Club (neighborhood behind FIA). Questions? Interested in helping out? Please contact

SAVE THE DATE — Club Family Picnic – 8/21
Last day to party before school begins! Please SAVE THE DATE on Sunday, 8/21 for our club Family Picnic! Let’s celebrate the end of summer at Lake Accotink McLaren-Sargent Shelter (last year’s Annual Banquet outdoor venue). Questions? Interested in helping out? Please contact

Club Ice News
Please join us on Sunday mornings (2 left!) and Monday evenings (2 left!) for discounted Freestyle and coach led Solo Pattern Dance class at FIA. Our club ice schedule is posted on our live club calendar (see here).

Questions? Please contact

Did You Know?!
Curious what Olympian Gold Medalist Nathan Chen’s diet is during competition? Per Insider (2/9/2022), it looks like this:

Breakfast: Smoothie, egg wrap, yogurt, and corn flakes
Snacks: Yogurt, dark chocolate almonds, fruit, or Special K bars
Lunch: Meat sandwich, yogurt, fruit
Dinner: Rice, pasta, or bread with fish, red meat, or chicken, plus a vegetable and sometimes soup

“For me, it works best to eat a bigger meal hours before competition and then snack on things that are higher in carbs before I compete,” Chen said, and he keeps snacks with him to keep his energy up throughout the day.

Chen prefers to get all his nutrients in through food rather than taking supplements, he previously said, so eats lots of fruits and veggies like watermelon, spinach, oranges, and broccoli, as well as quinoa, eggs, tofu, and dark chocolate.

Fruit helps Chen stay hydrated too, he said.

“To stay healthy at home and on the road, hydration is my first step,” Chen said. “I’m a big watermelon fan, and it’s perfect for keeping me hydrated during training and keeps me from craving sweets.”

Staying hydrated and energized is important for Chen’s active lifestyle.

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